Bezos, the planet ’s richest man and leader of, is scheduled to host a infrequent media event in 4 pm EDT (2000 GMT) at Washington to supply “an upgrade on our progress and also share with our vision of visiting space to benefit Earth. ”

Blue Origin spokeswoman Caitlin Dietrich didn’t answer requests for comment.

Kent, Washington-based Blue Origin has been. But people familiar with the company’therefore plans, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Bezos is forecast to layout details on a lunar lander spacecraft and lunar assignments the provider is developing. Blue has also discussed that a human outpost.

U. S. Vice President Mike Pence at March called on NASA to build a space platform in lunar orbit and also put American astronauts on the moon’s south pole by 2024 “by any means necessary,” four years earlier than previously planned. Bezos is very likely to frame his own strategy to align with this deadline at an attempt to draw funds out of the U.S. shuttle agency, a few of these people said.

1 industry source said the organization has been working to refine and accelerate its strategy after Pence&rsquo.

The business dropped a possible hint about the statement with a Twitter post a month of a picture of this ship used by explorer Ernest Shackleton within a trip to Antarctica – a probable reference to an impact crater on the lunar south pole linking the man’s name.

Bezos, who’s talked about his broader vision of allowing a future has been intent on moving to commercialization.

However, other space ventures like Elon Musk & rsquo SpaceX and aerospace incumbents like United Launch Alliance, a partnership between Boeing Co along with Lockheed Martin share his vision.

Blue Origin is growing its New Shepard rocket for space tourism trips that are short and a launch rocket called New Glenn for satellite launch contracts. The business is intending to supply its New Glenn rocket while launching humans atop its own New Shepard after this year in a flight.