A French research has developed up on existing military-grade hearing protection so it can identify the direction of incoming fire- and the U. S. Army is ears.

Known as the Tactical Communication and Protective System (TCAPS), the ear-plugs have built in microphones that allow soldiers to protect their hearing without even sacrificing situational awareness.

While electronic hearing protection is not anything new, a research has kicked it up a notch by Publish TCAPS to use the acoustic info of an enemy shooter to give soldiers real time shot direction on a smartphone.

“At the beginning of an ambush, the most important things for soldiers is to learn where the shooting is coming from in order that they are able to hide on the ideal side of a car or at least aim in the ideal direction- and they all want this information quickly,” French-German Research Institute of both Saint-Louis (ISL) researcher S√©bastien Hengy told the Acoustical Society of America at a media release.

Using the four magnets on TCAPS (which provide a near-360-degree soundscape), the new system employs the sensible input detect the distance and direction of this enemy shot.

“our bodies employs the microphone in order to detect the muzzle and shock waves made by brute shots and capture the time difference of birth of the wave between your ear. By combining the information sent by all of the TCAPS this offers you the direction of birth of the waves and thus the direction in clarified Hengy.

With an adequate smartphone (i.e., processing capacity ), the distance and direction of the shooter are relayed into the phone and the Soldier over half a second.

TCAPS tech is a event and has been developed between France and the USA.

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