There’s no question about it: The final Game of Thrones season is so bad we are able to ’t wait patiently for this to end. Episode 4 is the worst-rated Game of Thrones incident on IMDb, with incident 5 final in. It’s personality arcs as well as the writing.

If that’s not enough, HBO had to deal with this Starbucks coffee cup which forced it which was one of the best items to come out of the season thus far. It turns out that’s not as it kind of forgot which Jaime Lannister doesn’t have two hands. 

You can Browse the Turn in the tweet, which also reveals the Starbucks cup from episode 4:

The 2nd image obviously shows Jaime in a few of those scenes preceding his deaths embracing his sister, along with his hand is there. It’s a Christmas miracle, everybody else!

But wait, this isn’t quite as egregious. Jaime’s right hand simply turns in that photo that HBO published before the episode, this usually means you won&rsquo. These set photos are taken before the special effects are deployed, as BuzzFeed explains.

The scene in the event where Cersei and Jaime meet shows his hand that is golden. Thus, no, this isn’t a blunder of the same size since the Starbucks cup. In addition, HBO edited that cup out from episode 4, so you won’t grab it again if you, Lord of Light prohibit, decide to watch season 8 again.

Therefore all is well in Westeros as with all the cup, the photo was removed by HBO from its site. However, the North does remember. A single episode remains in the summer growing season, also we already think we all understand it’ll go down. What we don’t is if we’ll view any technical errors that’s one good reason to watch this come Sunday.