DEAR EARLY: Your boy friend is sloppy or just plain rude. He’s not very likely to do it, When he hasn’t managed to modify his pattern in 6 months. You can, however, change the way that you respond to it. Make your plans accordingly therefore that you will not be kept waiting As you understand he runs late. In the event that you can not do so, then rather than allow it to continue to stress out you, end the romance.

DEAR ABBY: My longtime friend of 30 years,”Charlotte,” resides across the nation. I’ve only heard that her husband,”Harold,” is transgender and is currently transitioning to become”Helen.”

Because they can’t afford a hotel If they come they always stay with us for several days. My husband is very uncomfortable with them staying here or being seen out together in public places. Can there be a means to inform Charlotte still save the marriage and in the future alone? Or should I let them deal and encounter with my partner’s feelings, which I think are unfair? — UNJUST IN THE WEST

DEAR UNJUST: speak with your spouse and explain that he doesn’t need to interact more than he could be more comfortable with if your friends visit. If he refuses, why not he personally and you visit them-this year? You can stay in a hotel while you fix to the adjustment Harold is currently making.

I suppose that your husband and Harold were friendly before. Your husband will get past his or her discomfort perhaps if he and Harold have a chance to talk. It might be an important learning experience for him. Your support at this time are a tremendous gift for the bunch.

DEAR ABBY: My 22-year-old sister is unhealthily fixated on a particular satellite tv station. She’ll only see this station and can be obsessed with the love stories and relationship pictures. This goes much beyond a simple”like” for some thing, and I am afraid she is using it as a way of preventing developing real relationships. She has never been in a romance and has few close friends. I’ve tried to get her to quit watching it, but it never finishes well. How to help her go and into the real world? — FANTASY VS. REALITY IN FLORIDA

DEAR F. VS. R.: Watching romantic movies with fully guaranteed happy endings (if only life were really enjoy this!) Is your sister’s”safe” way of vicariously enjoying idealized relationships. Carry on encouraging her to take some danger and combine the real world by inviting her to join you. However, before she comprehends for herself that she needs to accomplish it, it’s not going to happen. Counseling can help her, but she’ll not accept it before she admits to herself that she needs help create the social skills she lacks and will be prepared to reach out for it.

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