Fortbytes really are a brand new pair of challenges. Every day there is A challenge unlocked, and also there is a new challenge available to finish. This ’s the place of Fortbyte 08 (8) – Found within Junk Junction.

We’ve had a few Fortbyte battles release since the launching.

S Fortbyte battle demanded to be able to amass Fortbyte 6 4 players use the Rox Season 9 Battle Pass skin and access the surface of the stunt mountain. Previous challenges have demanded players to utilize spray or a Battle Pass skin, ensuring Fortbyte battles are different each day.

A new challenge has been unlocked

As given from the challenge/task name Fortbyte 08 (8) can be found within Junk Junction. These kind of tasks are sometimes somewhat tricky as there’so no other hint provided apart from the place.

We marked the location where Fortbyte 08 will be that is often seen below. Scroll on the base of the post, In the event that you like to check out our YouTube video to the place.

Fortbyte #08 could be found at the main construction together using Fortbyte seen below, at Junk Junction:

Here s on How Best to Get Fortbyte 08 – Located Within Minor, a video Junction: