The U. S. Commerce Department said on Friday it may soon scale back restrictions on Huawei Technologies after this week's blacklisting would have made it extremely hard for your Chinese business to service its existing customers.

The Commerce Department, which had effectively stopped Huawei's ability to buy American-made parts and components, is considering devoting a temporary general license to”forbid the disruption of existing system operations and equipment,” a spokeswoman said.

Beneficiaries of this license could, as an instance, include access to the internet and cellular phone providers in thinly populated places such as Wyoming and eastern Oregon that purchased network-equipment in the last several decades.

In effect, the Commerce Department allows Huawei to get U. S. goods therefore it helps existing customers take care of the reliability of networks and equipment, but the Chinese business still would not be permitted to buy American parts and components to manufacture new products.

The prospective principle roll back suggests changes to #x27 & Huawei;s distribution chain may have instantaneous, far-reaching and unintended consequences.