Let’s be fair. Much of the chaff appearing from the rumor mill over the past 6 weeks wasn’t even about Bradley and Irina — it had been roughly Bradley and Lady ga-ga.

After audiences watched BCoop along with his leading lady in A Star Is Born, a excellent number of fans wondered if the love onscreen was happening off as well.

And of course there was Oscars performance of Shallow…

Well, as per a new literary, all that absolutely did have an impact on Irina — if there actually was an affair or not.

We mean, Bradley was reportedly “emotionally absent” during A Star Is Born, ga-ga broke up with fiancé Christian Carino, he and Irina split up. It had been over the course of a month or two.

The insider says NO, there’s been no romantic entanglement between the co-stars … yet. But it looks a distinct possibility now that they’re both available:

“He’s a huge and overwhelming connection to Gaga however if it becomes a true romance inside their own lives for all the world to see is prehistoric, and it’s hard to take a position at this sensitive moment. ”

For the record, Bradley certainly isn’t acting in the manner of a guy who’s hopelessly in love. He also ’s hardly running into GaGa’s arms now that he’S-A totally free agent.

This is a guys night for certain, but much from the “wolf pack” antics of the Hangover character. According to eye witnesses Bradley left for home around 10:30. Scarcely an evening of excess. Hmm.