Protesters, bricks and umbrellas, clashed with riot police who struck with batons and repeated rounds of teargas on a narrow stretch of cement surrounding Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, while the demonstrations became increasingly pitched on Wednesday afternoon.

Aline of protesters, many of them young folks in black t shirts, repeatedly rushed toward a ring of heavily armored police, just to be repelled by the officers who lashed out with blows, rubber bullets, pepper spray and tear gas.

Just a thin metallic barrier separated both groups whilst the protesters’ front line slowly inched closer to the source of his wrath — Hong Kong’s legislature.

1 police officer held a huge crimson sign warning protesters:”Cease charging or we will use force.”

Law enforcement’s use of tear gas and nonlethal projectiles represented a turning point in their response to the demonstrations, also represented the government’s decision to retain the land’s legislature from getting overwhelmed by the public.