ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Meghan King Edmonds is really a social networking superstar, wife to retired Cardinals player Jim Edmonds, and also a former cast member on the hit series Real Housewives of Orange County. Their family constructed a home in St. Louis County near the Frontenac Theater in 2018. She’s currently addressing rumors he exchanged lewd texts with a woman if she had been pregnant with his or her twins last year.

“At no time was there some sort of relationship or physical touch. Definitely not,” Jim told Us Weekly on Thursday.

I found out the identical way you guys did: in the tabloids. I never left a voicemail. I phoned Jimmy and he confessed that he had traded lewd photos and also a bodily relationship never existed. He even paid off her to guard me I’d never discover.

I’m a girl that is simple. I needed a union. I am as loyal as they come and that I wanted that the vows. Now my wedding band signifies fraud.

I did nothing wrong, I don’t deserve this. I did nothing but be pregnant with our grandparents and decide to attempt to have a healthier pregnancy. So what is really broken in him to propel him to try this to me? To us? It was not one mistake, one lapse in judgement. I saw that the texts each one represents his decision to throw away our union from the garbage. Why did he Self Sabotage? And who sends nudies? Doesn’t everybody understand a lot much better than this in 2019? What pushes somebody to self-destruct in such a way?

I really don’t care in my own stupid massive house, I don’t value my new car, I don’t care about my diamonds. What does all of that mean once I cannot possess the simplest needs met? It indicates nothing. Smoke and mirrors.

I really like him. How to turn my feelings around quickly? How do one man choose to completely ruin me? It isn’t fair. I sob so far my face sprays from the salt out of my tears. I am tired. My poor children are not getting their loyal mother. And it has only been 36 hours.

And all of this may have come at a worse time. Again, something that I was not ready to talk about but I am sharing it: we have been involved our son, Hart, may possess a neurological disorder. It has been the very stressful last couple of months of my entire life and we don’t have replies. Some times I leave the house after the children go to sleep so that I could drive around and horrible shout from the dark with nobody around. I have this to cope together: my one true love betraying me from the disgusting and public way possible.

I don’t really fault any other man except my husband. There are many people out there with bad intentions and it’s our responsibility to ignore and increase above. 1 slimy man will not make another individual cheat. And there are a million slimy folks to simply take”slimy man no 1″ place.

Marriage is really a pick. Damn. day. On the days I despise him, on the days I’d like to perform out of him, on the days that I have approached with some sexy dude on instagram luring me with money or trips or whatever the hell the slimy folks do. So yes, union is a pick on the terrible days. And about the great days union is simple and beautiful.