NEW YORK (CNN) — Exposure to a chemical widely used to reduce bacterial contamination in makeup, toothpaste and also products such as toys and clothing may include an accidental threat — osteoporosis. That is according to a study in Tuesday’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

The research looked at statistics from 1,848 women between 2010 and 2005 and found that women who had elevated levels of triclosan in their urine were more likely to develop osteoporosis later on. Osteoporosis is a bone disease at which a individual loses bone mineral density. It places a person Together with the bones diminished.

This this specific connection to be found by the first study, researchers .

Researchers think there is just really a detrimental connection between bone health and triclosan because it interferes with the purpose of the thyroid. Studies have demonstrated an imbalance with the thyroid can lead to bone loss and improve a person’s risk for fracture.

Triclosan is an ingredient that had been used in makeup, toothpastes and certain hand sanitizers as well as kitchen ware, toys, furniture and clothing. It’s added to avoid bacterial contamination based on the US Food and Drug Administration.

In 2016the FDA began to restrict the usage of chemicals as they weren’t proven to be safe and effective. The FDA issued a last rule banning it for used in hand sanitizers in the USA. It is, nevertheless, still in some services and products.

Some studies in animals demonstrated that longterm exposure to the chemical increased the animal’s risk for cancer. Another study indicated that some reproductive and developmental processes may be disrupted by contact with triclosan in infants. Another study indicated it may be linked to the spread of antibiotic resistance.

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