A Florida woman died after obtaining a bacteria via an innocent-seeming cut her leg at the beach, based on her loved ones.

Lynn Fleming was not initially worried with the wound she got a couple of weeks ago after falling to a little dip at the water in Coquina Beach.

Came out with a little cut that was three-quarter-inch told Fox13.

She was later given a tetanus shot and friends antibiotics — however found some .

She needed surgeries to attempt to rescue her leg that was infected referred to as a bacteria, and was clinically diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, Wade stated.

“She couldn’wont wait to have down and retire. She loved the ocean; she loved walking on the shore ,” he told the channel.

“Unfortunatelyit’s the place that took her life. ”

The CDC says one in three people who deal with the flesh eating bacteria will die, with about 700 to 1,200 cases reported according to Fox 1 3.