“I had been awake and upward and around and seeing exactly what had been happening with a hawk’s eye,” said Pallava Baglaa renowned science writer who had been attending the launching at the Satish Dhawan Space Center, near Chennai. “A gorgeous moon was shining down through the clouds along with asking the enemy to come quickly to it. But there was confusion. Everyone was trying to figure out what went wrong. The enthusiasm was high.”

The innumerable Indians across the country up inside the middle of the evening and raptly watching did not know what was going on, either. But that they had a terrible impression.

“I had my notebook open, I had been following a news and we were all so excited, and this is actually just a enormous moment of pride for many Indians,” said Namrata Bera, a distance teacher. “I am sad, absolutely, but deep inside I totally believe we’ll succeed in this mission.”

In the end, Indian scientists announced nothing catastrophic had occurred but that the much anticipated launching needed to be postponed as”a technical jolt” had been discovered while completing the rocket using cryogenic fuel. These certainly were analyzing print-outs and reams of information, they said Monday morning, also could provide more information once they had it.