CANTON, Ohio — An Ohio woman was hospitalized for at least 80 days and had multiple limbs partially amputated after grabbing a severe disease from pet spit.

The previous thing Marie Trainer remembers is feeling sick and lying back on the couch.   The Stark County wife and mother awakened from the coma ten days after both arms and thighs partially amputated.

They thought it was the flu because Marie felt dizzy and had a very terrible backache. However unexpectedly her fever plummeted and subsided.

Aultman Hospital’s critical care team began radical treatments, but over hours Marie was growing sepsis and her condition continued to deteriorate.

Premier said in just a couple of days Marie was placed to a medically-induced coma since her limbs began turning necrotic and then gangrenous.

Blood tests and civilizations at the Aultman Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic affirmed the sudden diagnosis of capnocytophaga.

Dr. Margaret Kobe, Medical Director of Infectious Disease at Aultman, said capnocytophaga is just a bacteria commonly present in the saliva of dogs and also a lesser proportion of cats.

“Quite typical in the oral flora or the mouth of a dog and it can be transmitted through a bite or some times only contact saliva,” explained Dr. Kobe. “That organism is very virulent.  It has got the power to drive your defense mechanisms to complete some pretty dreadful things.”

The Trainers have two dogs in your home and assume they might have unintentionally licked a little scrape Marie’s arm.

The organism causes dozens of large blood parasites, which restrict the flow of blood and result in necrosis and gangrene.   Health practitioners removed dozens of clots from Marie’s limbs, trying to rescue them, but too much damage was done into the tissue.

Dr. Kobe explained this sort of acute reaction is very rare and just happens to about one in one thousand people. It’s also unpredictable. A person can be subjected to the bacteria and also canine for years and never have had a prior reaction.

Both Dr. Kobe and Marie still love dogs and don’t wish to terrify owners.  However they are encouraging people to become more careful; Dr. Kobe says it’s a myth that dogs mouths are cleaner than humans.

“In case you will get bit by a dog then you really have to carry on antibiotics and to clean your hands when playing a dog, especially with a cut.”

In addition, in the event that you notice redness or signs of infection seek hospital treatment immediately and make sure you notify the attending physician which you have pets.

Even though today they are centered on Marie’s recovery.   After eight operations and being hospitalized longer than 80 days, the hair stylist and salon owner faces intensive physical treatment and an unclear future.

To help with the gigantic medical costs and much needed prosthetic limbs, most adored ones started”Trainer Strong” fund raising campaigns and they will have generated a Go-Fund-Me page.