The orchestra justified its decision by stating it is “committed to providing a safe, supportive, respectful and proper environment” because of the staff, cooperating artists and its audience. The abrupt move is apparently a hasty a reaction to a study, at the 78-year-old, long married, world-renowned performer was accused of sexually harassing women some 30 decades ago.  The Los Angeles Opera, where Domingo serves as director general, also opened a probe into what it predicted “regarding allegations” after a report.

San Francisco Opera also canceled Domingo’s upcoming concert Tuesday, saying the decision was made due to the sexual harassment allegations against the Spanish tenor. “San Francisco Opera is committed for its strong anti-sexual harassment policy and demands all Company members to adhere to the highest standards of professional behavior,” the announcement reads. The show October 6 was to indicate Domingo’s 50 years with the business.

A lengthy piece published by AP early in the day on Tuesday details the accusations leveled against Domingo by eight sisters and a dancer as well as “a half-dozen other ladies. ” The accusers, all but one stayed anonymous, asserted that back in the 1980s the opera superstar engaged in improper touching, unwanted kissing and left sexually-suggestive overtures like differently asking out women on dates.

A few of the ladies also told AP that they believe their choice to reject Domingo’s advances also “negatively affected their livelihood. ” Even though this content doesn’t pose any concrete evidence of Domingo’s alleged misdeeds next to the accusers’ words, it still says that the singer’s improper behavior continues to be a & “receptive secret” over the business.

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The tenor, who’s also a prolific stunt and also the director of the Los Angeles Opera, ignored the allegations as “profoundly troubling, and also as presented, inaccurate. ” Nevertheless, he also offered an apology for anyone he said he may possibly have left “feel uncomfortable. ”

Yet, his words were allegedly not particularly convincing to the Philadelphia Orchestra, which decided to promptly scrap his performance even before any one of the accusations were correctly analyzed.

From the soul of this Me Too era many commended the move by saying that it was “high time” he was held answerable and predicting the accusations in the record “strong. ”  the others, however, pointed to this presumption of innocence and condemned the decision just as “black. ”

Many people even called it “mob justice” directed by people who are driven by “despise and envy masquerading as virtue. ” Domingo appears to become the latest high profile public figure to eventually become entangled in a sexual harassment scandal after similar accusations were leveled against celebrities, politicians and athletes in the US and beyond in the wake of this #MeToo movement.