The Saints released wide receiver Rishard Matthews on Saturday.

Head coach Sean Payton, speaking cryptically of the split, said of Matthews,”it’s not for everyone,” which together with a”left group designation” accompanying his discharge indicated that Matthews voluntarily bailed on a reasonable chance at landing a regularseason gig with all the Saints.

Matthews took matters a step declaring on Instagram that he has retired from football. This was not your polite, Boiler Plate farewell to teammates and coaches in a poem-like article titled”No Longer Exist,” Matthews listed some of what he’s leaving behind, a lot of that is sharply negative:

Matthews played for three teams over his seven full seasons also also had his best years with all the Titans at a stretch. He spent the of last season with the New York Jets, that it is probably safe to assume explains a lot of why he’s feeling completely shitty and demoralized concerning the activity of football.