Amazon’s most recent advertisements for the Emmy-nominated comedy The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel–dialing back prices approximately Los Angelos to signify that the show’s 1959 setting–was so hot that authorities had to temporarily shut it down Thursday, according to a regional ABC affiliate.

Works out, offering gas in 30 cents per gallon at a country where it frequently prices close to $4 could cause quite a stir. Clients came in droves to snag the deal, resulting in traffic delays severe enough to prompt Santa Monica authorities to intervene. Several officers came in a local gas station to temporarily suspend the advertisements and seem slightly ridiculous alongside all the hot pink The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel displays and adverts. The department issued a warning about the copy on its Twitter that afternoon, and also the effort declared shortly later.

Gizmodo reached out to Amazon in regards to the episode and didn’t obtain a direct answer, though I suspect that the corporation’s maybe perhaps not complaining too much about the episode; after all, this authorities intervention failed drum up plenty of free media for its Emmy front runner at the final weeks of this campaign season. Plus, it frees from the different bit of Amazon news moving viral today: the firm’s 100 percent human and not in any way creepy”FC Ambassador” accounts.

Other one-day”Maisel Day” prices (that, based on the absence of police accounts, I am imagining folks are snagging at a far more orderly fashion) include movie tickets for 51 pennies, manicures for $ two, and seeking to get a quarter.

With the period humor to get a whopping 20 Emmys this season –second only on the less funny Game of Thrones–Amazon has been doubling down on the show’s advertising effort before next month’s awards. Earlier this season, the ecommerce giant delivered a glowing pink Carnegie Deli food truck around new york to offer snacks themed to the show. Another food-themed stunt in June had Amazon teaming up using Postmates to provide dinner package that included a number of Midge Maisel’s favorites.