Is age just a number? As per a recent analysis in California, it could be possible to undo the process of aging. Because Tech Explorist notes,” it’s too early for excited about tapping in to the fountain of youth; the trial was small and did not add a control arm, so scientists worry that its findings are somewhat preliminary.

Nine healthy volunteers were given three drugs — also a growth hormone and just both diabetes medications — for per year. When investigators analyzed the subjects’ genomesthey found that they had aged in undo, losing a mean of 2.5 years away of these biological ages. (Biological era, also known as the epigenetic clock,” represents a person’s health status. In a “ordinary,” healthy person, the biological era should be equal to a ’s chronological era )

The issues also experienced a rejuvenation of their processes. I’d anticipated to see reducing from this clockbut perhaps not really a change,” geneticist Steve Horvath told the publication. “That felt kind of contemporary. ”

“This said that the biological influence of this procedure was robust,” he added. The effect dropped later quitting the trial, in the six participants who provided a blood sample that was last six months. Because we could stick to the changes within each individual, and as the effect was very strong in each of them, I am positive. ”

But, there is still. The outcomes will be tested by scientists with increased people.

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