After having a supposed meteor was feared to be an aircraft dividing in the 24, A land and air search was started in Devon.

Quite a few callers alerted police for the object throughout early hours of Sunday. It was later seen breaking apart and falling towards the bottom.

Police launched an ground and aerial search to get a plane after 999 calls for a possible light air craft crash over Devon.

Following a squirrels said they watched what seemed like a plane crash, Components were shipped to the Tavistock area.

The Force Incident Manager for both Devon and Cornwall Police stated professional trained hunt officers left the call to sit the hunt at 8.15am now, Sunday.

Insp John Shuttleworth said:”We are as satisfied as we can be that this has not been a light air craft accident no persons are injured.

“The expert opinion of trained hunt officers would be that if there had been an air craft crash, assets in the air would have seen a few debris.