“Joker” Manager Todd Phillips isn’t Convinced as it comes to a future Relationship Involving Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Robert Pattinson’Bat-man was announced by s

“Oddly comic books are our Shakespeare it seems, also you also certainly can do many versions of “Hamlet,” ” Phillips. “there’ll be more jokers, ” I ’m convinced. ”

“Joker” actress Zazie Beetz shared her take on the character addressing accusations that the film may be too sympathetic toward the villain that was superb that was homicidal.

“I think that it’s really of what is our duty as a society, an compassion toward kind and isolation that I suppose to deal with those who slip through the cracks at an way she told Variety. “Of coursethere’SA great deal of culture of the at this time. However, I don’t understand if it’s as much — is it sympathy for that is it an observation on characters that struggle. ”

The “ Joker ”’s Toronto International Film Festival premiere comes on the heels of this movie ’s recent accolades at the Venice Film Festival. The film took home the festival ’ s Golden Lion decoration, after debuting to rave reviews.