As fans of the Bachelor franchise, we all have our contestants. Some people just come across but some have trouble drawing.

Bachelor in Paradise gives contestants who may not have gotten the best edits on their seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette that the opportunity to redeem themselves. On Paradise, folks are provided far more airtime and so, able to reveal more of the personalities.

Sometimes this works at the contestant’s favor, which had been the case with Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone, who abandoned their seasons since villains and shifted their personas after finding love. And more camera time just suggests that folks find more of your flaws like later moving on Paradise with Blake Horstmann, who went from enthusiast preferred to pariah.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes went on Paradise with an okay standing. She had just come away from Colton Underwood of needing to function as the Bachelorette where she had been accused. However she did well on the series which fans didn’t switch and most still wanted to see her find love.

Miller-Keyes linked with former participant Dean Unglert, In Paradise. She and sounded perfect for another and Unglert hit it off almost immediately. But before sending himself 19, Unglert got cold feet and broke up with the beauty queen.

Connor Saeli came to the beach after Unglert abandoned and then he and Miller-Keyes entered into a relationship pretty fast. Things appeared to be going well for the 2 for a little while. Before Unglert came back on the beach at least , they were.

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay went on People Tv ’ s Reality-check and gave her view about the Entire situation and Miller-Keyes.

Caelynn and “ Connor are weird ” the newly-wed said personally, for me. “I’m not just a enormous fan and I don’t get Caelynn, I’m going to be fair. I actually don’t get her, she still seems to flip flop a lot more than every other person I have ever seen”

She had been head over heels for Dean. Connor walks in, she is turning her hair and she’s like, ‘Connor is who I wanted to meet the entire time,”’” she went . “She was crying within Dean but sees completely and Connor affects — that one is it? ”

“Therefore I feel as if you better pick Connor at this point, as , you understand, you went all in with him” she said “He could have managed to choose someone else at this point. I actually don’t understand, I’m unsure in them because she seems to go along with the whim because I’m unsure in the decisions of Caelynn. ”