Felicity Huffman wants to ensure it is clear to the judge sentencing her — what she’d at the college case didn’t hurt anybody, and therefore there’s no precedent to place her for much a day.

Resources straight familiarized with Felicity’s case tell TMZ… the”Desperate Housewives” actress and her defense team hold two arguments for her own to spend virtually no time behind bars, despite prosecutors recommending a 1-month sentence.

We’re told Felicity and co. are pointing into the Probation Department’s findings which she should get as little as zero months, as no body suffered any loss as a result of her actions. For paying $15k to give her daughter a leg up on her college entry 26, you’ll remember, Felicity pled guilty to conspiracy charges.

Apparently, Felicity agrees with this”no loss” argument put forth by the probation department. However, in new court docs obtained by TMZ, she says the prosecution is drawing other defendants in the situation along with comparisons between her.

As stated by team Felicity… the prosecution has mentioned two dozen older cases by which prison time was regularly handed down to the ring leaders. Felicity says that she wasn’t the fish in this strategy, and must not be sentenced just like one. In a nutshell, she was just a customer of Rick Singer, not a mastermind of his storyline.

She cites one case the prosecution is wanting to use as precedent… at which some man got jail time for hacking a university’s system. Felicity says that’s an apples to oranges comparison.

Important thing… Felicity is hoping the judge admits she didn’t harm anyone — notably because her kid didn’t even end up attending college this year.