The motive for the attack remains unclear, Tallahassee Interim Police Chief Steve Outlaw stated. The defendant: Antwann D. Brown, a member of staff of the business, was taken into custody. Police said Brown, 41, stabbed the employees using a gearing knife.About Brown: Brown had worked in Dyke Industries for three 5 an hour and experienced no known employment difficulties, police said. But Brown had some kind of dispute at work, this afternoon. Brown was asked to clock as a consequence, police said, without giving additional information concerning the dispute.The victims’ conditions: Each of five traumatic victims were shot to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare.  “One patient is in serious illness; 2 patients come in fair state; and 2 patients come in good condition,” an announcement from a medical facility read.The suspect involved with the traumatic was engaged in some type of dispute today at work before the episode, Tallahassee Interim Police Chief Steve Out-Law said.Outlaw didn’t elaborate on the dispute. He explained the defendant, Antwann Brown, 41, was requested to clock as a result. He clocked out in 8:20 a.m. ET, Outlaw said.Brown was employed in Dyke Industries for three 5 months with no known employment difficulties, in accordance with Tallahassee authorities.  The defendant involved with the stabbing at Dyke Industries has been identified as Antwann D. Brown, as stated by the Tallahassee Police Department.Brown had been a member of staff at the centre, in accordance with a police department statement. “Those victims were provided immediate medical attention and transported to a community hospital,” police said.A motive for the stabbing is still not known, Tallahassee Interim Police Chief Steve Outlaw said during an information conference.Earlier now, officials said they had a suspect in custody, but the identity have not been published. A number of the victims’ conditions are also unclear. 1 man is in serious condition in a local hospital after stabbing, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare said in an upgraded statement Wednesday.Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare also fixed a previous report: the hospital today says that five people, not six as had been originally reported, were transported to a medical facility from the spectacle of their incident.Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare received five patients from the episode, not six as reported. 1 patient is in serious illness; 2 patients come in fair state; and 2 patients come in good condition.  Police are research a traumatic episode in Tallahassee, Florida, this afternoon, a police spokesman said.What happened: Police responded to a traumatic episode in Dyke Industries, a business which produces doors.The victims: Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare has received six people from the traumatic incident, the provider said. Their terms are not known.The defendant: Police said they have a suspect in custody. It wasn’t immediately clear when the defendant is a member of staff, Tallahassee police spokesman Damon Miller said.Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare has received six people using this morning traumatic event, in accordance with Morgan King, spokesperson for its hospital.Tallahassee authorities say they have a defendant in custody in the traumatic event. If this individual is still an employee, it’s unclear.