The NFL and the New England Patriots were captured flat footed from the civil litigation that’s been filed against wideout Antonio Brown this week, according to sources who spoke on Wednesday with Yahoo Sports. Neither the Patriots nor the team office were aware that a possible lawsuit against Brown had been on the tracks before he consented to a deal with New England last week, based on two sources.

The sources declined to speculate on knowledge Pittsburgh Steelers or the Oakland Raiders could have had regarding sexual assault and rape allegations against Brown, which vary between June of 2017 in a lawsuit.

Across the board, both NFL league office and both the Patriots have both publicly declined to offer details about what they knew regarding the Brown allegations when it was known by them. Said it was not until Tuesday when league and security began considering the allegations.

1 source added that it’s even when others as well as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell began discussions about options which were for example if he could possibly be set on the commissioner list when a remedy was needed throughout an investigation.

On Wednesday, NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus appeared to suggest he and Brown — whom Rosenhaus represents — had reason to trust a litigation was in the works.

“Antonio and that I had been sadly expecting that this possibility,” Rosenhaus said throughout his ESPN appearance.

Pressed on what information he distributed to the Patriots when he shared it, Rosenhaus declined to comment.

“I’m not going to enter within that part,” Rosenhaus said. “I’m not going to have into my discussions with the Patriots and what might or might not have been discussed. I only want to reiterate: people should please keep in your mind that these allegations are denied by Antonio. He will have a complete investigation. He will go through the legal procedure.”

Brown practiced using all the Patriots on Wednesday, and Patriots players and head coach Bill Belichick declined to comment on things relating to Brown. Wondering if Brown would play Sunday against the Miami Dolphins,” Belichick said the team had been taking it”one day at any given time.”

For the NFL’s role, a source familiar with the team’s talks told Yahoo Sports that the NFL would rather move”immediately” to resolve the part of Brown being active or moved to the commissioner’s exempt list, an answer that’s been used in past cases involving criminal allegations but not in civil lawsuits like the sole Brown is confronting. The foundation added that the NFL has searched to talk with the accuser, who’s apparently willing but cannot envision a meeting of Brown.

That meeting between the NFL and Taylor appears to be the point with the Patriots apparently ready to centre their decision on Brown largely based on advisement with league investigators. Whether Brown eventually ends up being reserve from the field by the group or not believe, at least one thing is clear: New England has terminology in his contract which could void all the 9 million in warranties from his oneyear, $15 million agreement. According to a source with access to this contract, the specific clause is tied to”undermining” the public image of the bar. The clause, which has been delivered to Yahoo Sports, reads:

“When at any moment prior to the ending of this 20-19 League Year, Player:… takes some actions that amuses undermines the public’s admiration for, or will be critical of, the Club, Player’s team mates or the Club’s ownership, coaches, management, operations or policies afterward, upon election of the Club, the warranties established within this division 27 will be null and void, whether any such guarantee differently had been earned in accordance with the terms thereof.”

It’s believed the team could waive Brown with no penalties if the Patriots were to invoke that clause as was breached by this week’s litigation. Whether that is a consideration might hinge on the information that’s available within the next day or two –while originating from Brown, his accuser or the talks between the NFL and both of the parties.