On the 18th anniversary of this 9/11 terror attacks, NASA astronauts paid tribute to the heroes who risked their own lives to rescue others on that day by tweeting a special message.

“Honoring the brave public servants of @FDNY. Thank you for the ceremony, we remember your fallen comrades,” NASA’s Expedition 60 astronaut Drew Morgan tweeted by the International Space Station. “Your flag and patch are proudly orbiting the Earth on board the @Space_Station! #NeverForget.”

Morgan shared photos of a New York City Fire Department (FDNY) patch drifting at the Cupola window having a view of Earth at the backdrop, in addition to an image of himself using an FDNY flag mounted in the orbiting laboratory. 

Honoring @FDNY’s public servants. Thank you for the ceremony, we remember your fallen comrades. Patch and your flag are orbiting the Earth on board the @Space_Station! #NeverForget pic.twitter.com/zxrNRmffsPSeptember 1 1, 2019

By sharing a photo of Manhattan captured out of space NASA also commemorated the somber anniversary out of down. NASA astronaut Christina Koch captured the picture below from the International Space Station since it passed over the place on Aug. 19, 2019.

“Each year, people pause and forget,” NASA officials said in a statement. “Beyond remembering and honoring the Americans who perished that day, NASA also helped FEMA in New York at the days then, also remembered that the sufferers by providing flags flown aboard the Space Shuttle with their families”

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