Take to without eventually being exposed to a debate within Eli Manning ' s career accomplishments or if Cam Newton is entering the twilight of his livelihood, and consume a morsel of sport media. 

“It is the end. It's over for Cam Newton,” college football commentator Paul Finebaum explained. “I don't understand why people 're mincing words. He also 's a train wreck at this time. He could 't do what he used to perform. And frankly, your investment sympathy tour. Cam Newton hasn't really cared for anybody apart from Cam Newton.” 

“That is my only statement compared to that,” Clark said.  “We just spoke brightly — perhaps not we, Paul — about Eli Manning, and he’s taken a dud for the past four years. You want to talk about bringing a franchise down? That franchise has been destroyed by eli. So we got to takeout because we love him, because he ' s Manning, the way we feel about dudes. … When we consider it now, Cam has more abandoned than Eli has for several years.” 

Emotions were contained by this demo, although Out spoken debate drives the fodder for your ESPN morning show. And Clark had been irked by Finebaum's position, which he regarded as hypocritical. 

“I could stay fit if I learned just how to throw the ball and then do so,” Clark said as he spun around and ducked in his chair. 

“We got to quit treating dudes because they play with a certain manner or because they act a certain manner that's not familiar to usthat 's not direction ”