The UFC’s Yield to Mexico City ended in disaster on Saturday.

The event came to a close after Yair Rodriguez caught Jeremy Stephens with an eye poke only 15 seconds when he was not able to keep on, the battle has been declared a no contest.

The actions barely got a opportunity to begin out before Rodriguez pawed in Stephens during this fight which saw the feather-weight immediately wince in pain’s very first exchange with an open hand.

Dean came up to test on Stephens, that couldn’t actually open his eye to allow the referee to take a look at the harm. A doctor made his way right into to the Octagon in an effort to shine a light Stephens’ eye if he might continue, to discover.

It had been clear after five minutes had passed that Stephens was not able to see his eye and Dean had no choice except to call a stop to the contest.

The Mexico City crowd started trapping the fighters inside the Octagon for being a chorus of boos with garbage immediately after the fight ended. It had been an unfortunate near to the show as Stephens was ushered out of this cage still clasping his head as he had been pelted with crap.

As his go back to Mexico came to a disappointing decision, rodriguez was also visibly upset.

Considering the fight ended, it’s possible the UFC looks to rebook that the matchup but will also be dependent on how much damage Stephens endured from the eye shadow which pushed the stoppage.