Their fans placate with hats or schedules. The Philadelphia Flyers know what their fans really want: the opportunity to crush against a wellness television with a hockey stick.

Located behind a”hidden” library wall entry in the team of newest”Meeting Room” lounge and bar area, the anger cave lets Flyers fans to take their aggression out household stuff such as TVs, dishware, guitars and bottles having an assortment of tools including baseball bats, black and orange sledgehammers and, clearly, hockey sticks.

“The idea is unquestionably oneofakind and non-traditional,” said Valerie Camillo, president of business operations of the Philadelphia Flyers and the Wells Fargo Center. “We conducted the concept from some of our fans who told us they thought this is a new way to have some harmless fun”

The”rage room” theory started in Japan in regards to ten years past, and spread to the U. S. Locations such as Break Stuff Bay Area at San Jose, California, use recycled electronic equipment as fodder, and charge $25 for a”BYOB” option that allows people to earn their own materials to break.

To access the Flyers’ rage space, buffs make a booking for a period before, during or following Philadelphia home games at a high price of $35 for individuals and $60 for classes of 2. Participants receive 5 minutes to crush things up, and so are given one five-gallon bucket of smaller breakable items plus one”medium sized” thing to break.