Pet owners can take heart from new research about the potential health benefits of getting your dog. According to two new studies by the American Heart Association, having a dog is related to an increased odds of living more, especially among people who’ve previously had a heart attack or stroke. The findings are published in Circulation: Effects and Cardiovascular Quality , a journal of the American Heart Association.

At a study of dog-owning along with non-dog owning predators of heart attacks or strokes, researchers determined that dog owners around the board experienced lower levels of death by heart attacks or strokes. The analysis had been conducted in Sweden between 2012 and 2001 with the country’s National Patient Register. 

Pet owners in the study tended to have a”better outcome after a significant cardiovascular event,” the researchers found, although the analysis didn’t prove cause and effect. The rationale drop in loneliness and depression among dog owners, which studies have shown and could be a result of a rise in physical activity.

Individuals who dwelt after having a heart attack or stroke saw exactly the upside. In comparison to researchers found that dog owners had a 33 percent lower risk of death after getting hospitalized a heart attack should they dwelt independently, and also a 15 percent lower hazard should they lived with a partner or child. The results were similar for those who were treated for a stroke.

“The findings in both of these research analyses and studies build upon prior studies and the decisions of the 2013 AHA Scientific Statement’Pet Ownership and Cardiovascular Risk’ that dog ownership is related to reductions in factors that contribute to coronary risk and to cardiovascular events,” said Dr. Glenn N. Levine, M. D., in a statement for the American Heart Association. 

“Further, both these two studies offer good, quality data suggesting dog ownership is related to reduced cardiac and all-cause mortality. While these non-randomized studies cannot’prove’ that embracing or having a dog leads to reduced mortality, these robust findings are certainly at least suggestive of this,” Levine said.

Possessing your dog to take care of not only increases activity, it reduces social isolation, which could help stroke survivors and heart attack within their recoveries, pros said.

Meta analysis about dog ownership and survival rates and also Another scientific overview backs these up results. Researchers examined data on 3.8 million patients extracted from 10 other studies, and found that dog owners experienced a 24 percent reduced risk of death from all causes; a 65 percent reduced risk of death after a heart attack; and also a 31% reduced risk of death due to cardiovascular problems. 

“Having your dog has been correlated with an increase of physical exercise, lower blood pressure rates and better cholesterol profile in prior reports,” said Dr. Caroline Kramer, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Toronto along with also an endocrinologist in ny. “Therefore, the findings that individuals who owned dogs dwelt and their threat of cardiovascular death was lower are somewhat expected.”