Because he battles for his pride and his wife, prince Harry is probable boiling with frustration. Up on a letter penned to the father of their Meghan Markle’s release, the wolf is outraged and requires justice. He won’t continue to stand by as media-based attacks are thrown towards his wife. Many are questioning what Queen Elizabeth would think the wolf himself is responding with his own defense.

According to Penny Junor, English author and journalist, ” the prince’s announcement might render Queen Elizabeth quite miserable and is “ ” that is ill judged. Junor blatantly said that not only would the queen never approve of their announcement, but it would be — more than likely disapproved of by his own brother — Prince William.

Caution that the announcement may lead to harm to the association that the royal duo shares, Junor believes the reaction was driven with emotions and may render the two in distress. She’s compared the situation into the years the Prince of Wales treated attacks from the press emphasizing himself and his loved ones.

On October 1, 2019 the Prince Harry released a statement. Starting with the declaration on their belief of, as a few, truthful reporting and “ media freedom ,” the announcement quickly explained the reasoning. 

Claims were thrown by the correspondence to propaganda ” and clarified damage on account of this repetitive attacks from the press. The announcement calls the manipulative and dishonest work that the Mail on Sunday has continuously released and pens a dual standard. Prince Harry has had enough and would like to put an end. 

During his announcement, it so clarified that this has been a continuous battle for quite some time and the litigation has been a protracted process in the making. When it has to do with scattering and skewing the facts about the lifestyles of his loved ones, especially meghanmarkle stating that bullying is uncalled for and won’t be admitted, it so left clear there will be no tolerance for any sort of continuation.

Prince Harry has made it fairly obvious that he feels the mis-represented and unfair reports have been damaging and of course doing for his wife during her pregnancy and through the entire birth of Baby Archie while the declaration of a lawsuit has been made public. Exploiting his family and relentlessly, Duchess Meghan has been unafraid to send her message in that period of injustice.

Sussex’s Duchess is seen wearing a necklace to showcase the infamous eye, that is known to be a sign of strength during protection and times against the negativity that life brings. 

As audiences and journalists from afar see, the admirable couple is apparently blowing off caution and aiming to put an end.  Need less to say, the royal family is not scared to stand their ground no matter of comments on what other household members might presume or choose to complete in the same circumstance. The duo is currently sending their message and continuing to live their own lives as happily and potential.