DeSean Jackson‘s triumphant come back to Philadelphia has been maybe not so triumphant, because Jackson hasn’t. When he ll play it ’ s unclear.

The receiver had a major impact in Week One, catching eight passes for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns. Jackson exited, before he could grab a pass in Week Two contrary to the Falcons.

The team called it that a groin injury during the match, as noted by Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. On the consequent Wednesday injury report, it shifted to a stomach injury. In the three matches since afterward, Jackson t played.

There are signs he could be moving in the injury that hasn been characterized with the Eagles.

“that I ’m not familiar with the injury he has,” trainer Doug Pederson stated this week when asked concerning potential benchmarks for Jackson’therefore reunite, “however I’d think with a guy like DeSean who is a track guy, he’s a runner, of course he really needs a level of relaxation with this injury. Of the stopping and starting and matters of this nature. ”

Though Pederson didn’t Jackson’s long time trainer. Gary Cablayan, who’s come to operate with Jackson, told McLane who Jackson is trying to get at faster levels as he recovers from the injury. Cablayan said it’therefore no hernia (as most have speculated), but Jackson has a “small rip. ”

“You are continuing to keep that area [of the body] stressed to make changes to accelerate, so it is something you use a slew, that’s the reason it’s taking so long,” Cablayan said, via McLane. “It is hard to take off. You sit back for back up, and you also use it . It is felt by you Should you sneeze. ”

The goal is to provide time so that the doesn ’ t get worse, to heal to the injury but also to get back to the field. Jackson’s era (32) could be a factor at the period it’therefore taking his body to fully recover, but his skills are still present and he’ll help the Eagles offense reach a new level whenever he falls.